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About Us

Turbo Typist was founded to provide an option for busy consumers who are in online education who need documents such as theses and dissertations typed. It expanded to provide outsource secretarial services for small to medium sized business owners who need assistance but cannot afford to hire someone full or part time to complete these tasks. Turbo Typist has an employee base of individuals with Master’s level education performing a vast number of typing services. The employees have approximately 18 years of experience in word processing, data entry, resume preparation, general typing, and secretarial services. The employees of Turbo Typist are former employees of large corporations such as Honeywell, Qwest Communications, Walden University, and the University of Phoenix. Turbo Typist stands by its mission statement and strives every day to achieve its vision.

What is your Mission Statement?
The mission of Turbo Typist is to provide convenient business and typing solutions for employers and consumers that enable us to build long term business relationships that save our customers time and money better used to successfully manage resources within the scope of business and life.

What is your Vision Statement?
The vision of Turbo Typist is to become a major provider of business and typing outsourcing services for employers while simultaneously providing customized typing solutions for consumers.